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Randolph Hollingsworth

University of Kentucky
Assistant Provost

Contact Information

Homepage: homepage


History of Kentucky Women in the Long Civil Rights Era in partnership with UK Libraries Oral History Dept.;
H-Kentucky; part of H-Net moving from Listserv to Drupal 2.0 platform;
University of Kentucky SecondLife Initiative in partnership with UKIT UK Libraries and more;
SAWH Teaching Wiki; led by Elsa Barkley Brown;
Digital Distillery University of Kentucky led by Dr. Jenny Rice


Research Areas

U.S.; African American; Civil War; Military; Native American; Social; Legal; Cultural and Intellectual; Nineteenth Century; Twentieth Century; Urban; Women & Gender


As a former administrator with the Kentucky Virtual University (in Frankfort), my work in digital scholarship at the University of Kentucky (in Lexington) has continued to span both my personal research in US women's history and pedagogical innovation/experimentation. I continue to teach in SecondLife and my students' work in Kentucky women's history has blossomed with the Open Knowledge Initiative launched from my course, "Sisters in the Struggle." My most recent publication is a blog-like essay in Blee and Deusch's _Women of the Right_, titled: "Memoirs of an Avatar: a Feminist Exploration of Right-Wing Hate Groups in

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