The following essays about digital history were written by a variety of scholars in the field.

Mapping Freedom
Edward L. Ayers, University of Virginia
June 2007

Creating the China Historical Geographic Information System
Peter K. Bol, Harvard University
May 2007

When Was Linearity?: The Meaning of Graphics in the Digital Age
Alan Liu, University of California, Santa Barbara
August 2008 (Version 1.0)

Bed Jumping and Compelling Convergences in Historical Computing
John Sutton Lutz, University of Victoria
May 2007

Digital World History: An Agenda
Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh
April 2007

New Tools for Clio: GIS, Railways, and Change over Time and Space in France and Great Britain, 1840-1914
Robert M. Schwartz, Mount Holyoke College
February 2007

What is Digital History? A Look at Some Exemplar Projects
Douglas Seefeldt, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
William G. Thomas, III, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
May 2009

The Problem of Design and Navigation: A Case Study from Virtual Jamestown
Crandall Shifflett, Virginia Tech
June 2008

Writing A Digital History Journal Article from Scratch: An Account
William G. Thomas, III, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
December 2007