2006 Carroll R. Pauley Memorial Endowment Symposium: "History in the Digital Age"
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, September 21-22, 2006

Featuring presentations by many leading digital historians on the subjects of Historical GIS, hypertext, modeling and simulations, visualization, the future of digital humanities, and more, this event was held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on September 21-22, 2006. For further information about the event, see the Pauley Symposium website.

Portions of the following lectures are hosted on the Digital History Project's YouTube Channel. See also, participants' interviews.

Abdul Alkalimat, University of Toledo
"Malcolm X: Cybertechnology and the Black Experience"

Edward Ayers, University of Virginia
"Civil War and Emancipation: Visualizing American History" (Keynote address)

Peter Bol, Harvard University
"Creating the China Historical GIS"

John Lutz, University of Victoria
"History, Mystery, and Virtual Victoria: Transforming Teaching and Research"

Patrick Manning, University of Pittsburgh
"World History and the African Migration Simualtion"

Janice L. Reiff, University of California, Los Angeles
"Urban Web: Cities as Hypertext"

Robert Schwartz, Mount Holyoke College
"Railways, Uneven Geographic Development, and a Crisis of Globalization in France and Britain, 1830-1914"

Roundtable Discussion
Edward L. Ayers, Alan Liu, Mary Beth Norton, and William G. Thomas, III